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               MR. ONYANDO PETER PIUS

Mathematics is one of the easiest subject in school contrary to what many people believe. It  may turn out to be the hardest if it’s simple rules are not followed. Any student who  performs well in the subject will agree with me that ,once you follow the procedure (steps) as illustrated on chalk wall or smart board by the teacher , you don’t require  a lot of notes revision to grasp a concept.  A learner must keenly follow all the steps illustrated by the teacher asking for more explanation from the teacher on any step which he/she has not followed then make short or summary notes.

    With an experience of 24 years, I have learnt that some learners have a problem of not remembering or following the steps  they did in class in tackling a question or going through a concept. Some forget   because of lack of practice and fear or shame of asking questions. My simple advise is as follows:

   (i)     Attend all lessons and keenly follow all the steps of a mathematical concept asking for more

           explanations where necessary.

   (ii)   Go through your short notes everyday and attempt at least 3 questions from your daily subtopic.

   (iii)  show all the steps clearly when tackling any question.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mr. onyando p .p




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